First it was me and mum. Now it's me, mum and more.

We have always shared a vision and passion for the creative and inspirational.

Over several evenings, and many cups of coffee, we decided to use our passion to create a jewellery label that appeals to all ages, and that’s how Harper Lane was born.

Jewellery is timeless and is a part of every woman’s life. We want to create collections that enable our women to express who they are or who they want to be.

We were offline for several years, which enabled us to work closely with our followers, listen to them and allow them to be a part of our growth. You have shaped Harper Lane Jewellery into what it is today: a jewellery label that produces quality, trending and classic pieces.

After working from our living room at home, the time came to expand our relationships, so we launched our online store.

We will always love working with you, our followers, to produce ranges that you connect with. We believe every woman has a story and we want to be a part of expressing that.

To us, the Harper Lane woman is whoever she wants to be. Your needs come above everything else, because without you there is no Harper Lane.  

Thank you for being a part of our story.  #MYHARPERLANE


Harper Lane Jewellery by Nickki and Maddie