Harper Lane Jewellery is a brand that uses the highest quality materials and techniques possible in order to craft a superior product. The precious and valuable aspect of jewellery means that our pieces warrant the highest form of care and preservation possible.

We recommend that each piece of Harper Lane Jewellery is stored in an individual pouch or separate compartment of a jewellery box. This ensures minimal contact with other items and decreases the likelihood of scratching, chipping or otherwise being damaged.

As a general rule, all jewellery should be put on after makeup, cosmetics, skincare products, perfume and hair products, as some chemicals contained in these products can harm or damage the jewellery. Jewellery should not be stored in a bathroom as products and steam can damage or corrode the jewellery.

We recommend that jewellery is not worn whilst bathing, gardening, during physical and sporting activities, whilst in bed, or in any activity that may expose the jewellery to corrosive materials or moisture.

We will always disclose the components of each piece of jewellery. This includes whether or not a gemstone is natural, synthetic, reconstituted or created.

You can find more information about the stones and materials we use in our Gemstone guide.


The lifetime of jewellery varies. It depends greatly on how each consumer wears their jewellery. All jewellery has a natural life span, which may be extended by using specific care instructions, careful handling and professional maintenance.


Some jewellery items in Harper Lane Jewellery are Rhodium plated. This is a technique commonly used in the jewellery industry. This coating gives a uniform finish, great shine and colour to the jewellery. As Rhodium plating is progressively removed by normal wear, you may wish to have it replated.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information if you wish to have any jewellery replated (at the customers cost).


Jewellery can be cleaned gently using a jewellery cloth, please contact us if you need help sourcing one. Cleaning agents should not be used with jewellery that incorporates stones as properties in the agent may degrade gemstones.  Care must be taken not to be too forceful when cleaning the jewellery as this may damage the surface of the metal. Metal can also be cleaned with hot soapy water and a thorough rinse. This must be dried with a soft cloth, not tissue or paper towels. Sterling Silver will tarnish when exposed to salt air and products that contain sulphur. Wearing silver regularly can help to reduce the amount of care necessary, as body oils will break down the tarnish that forms on silver.


Pearls can be cleaned gently with a cloth, dipped in mild soapy water. Rinse the cloth in fresh water and wipe the pearls clean. Do not completely immerse pearl jewellery into the water.  Dry with a soft cloth, not a paper towel or tissue.  Pearls should be occasionally restrung in order to maximise the lifetime of the piece. Store pearls in a soft cloth or bag in order to protect them from being damaged by other stones.


Gemstone jewellery requires special care to ensure that the stone is not damaged in any way. Take care to not knock the jewellery against hard surfaces, as this may chip or loosen the stone. Many stones can be quite delicate and easily abraded. Even Diamonds can chip or damage if mistreated. To avoid scratching, store your gemstones separately.  For a thorough clean, consider visiting a jeweller yearly.

Please note that whilst every effort is made by Harper Lane Jewellery to ensure all metals are Nickel free, traces of Nickel may occasionally be found ( Nickel may irritate the skin).